Additionally, tapping out to play a big dinosaur happens a lot, which leaves me feeling like I can only make one play per turn to affect the board, so I need to choose whether I want to board wipe, play a dino, or ramp in the early turns. The rest of the group has grown more used to his lines of play now and just answer appropriately. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. The Card Game Android: I have reached out and begun some deck reconfiguration and suggestions for readers who have submitted their Commander decklist for review. Dark Neostorm Structure Deck: For two mana, all of your stuff, including non-critters, gets both indestructible and hexproof too!

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Gishath Suns Avatar, Ixalan (XLN) Price History

Rating Every Planeswalker in War of the Spark: I feel your need for added protection of your Dinosaur investment. Or are you running a Smash Face deck that ramps into Dinos and your leader? The gishatj game I played, and it was pretty epic, I did get stuck with too many cards in hand at the end of the game and not the ability to deploy them in a timely manner, and they just got dealt with one at a time.

It has a lot of ways to recommend pushing the table around, right? Maybe you need to get mana or to pop an artifact or enchantment and thus keep your board position flowing. Project the Second — Merieke Ri Berit — This Esper deck uses a number of untapping effects to steal and kill the target, and then keep up the frenzied pace.


Updating Gishath

The Card Game Android: The rest of the group has grown more used to his lines of play now and just answer appropriately. Ramp went super well, I cast Gishath, and gizhath ultimate play was casting Akroma’s Vengeancethen protected my gishatj with Boros Charm and swung for Commander damage at one player and took another out with my dinosaurs.

But Slayers’ Stronghold plays perfectly into your deck! I love being able to ramp fast and start dropping dinos, but I always have the fear that I’ll get board wiped or subject to removal. A friend of mine has been trying to play this deck ggishath he just basically folds to a boardwipe every time after a big Gish trigger. I do like The Mending of Dominaria gishzth a kind of second chance at going off provided no Scavenger Grounds.

I guess that’s just the Vorthos in me. I gihsath this could be a theme that I hit up once every six weeks or so. Dark Neostorm Structure Deck: For example, you are not running these Dinosaurs:. If you are going to run a temporary one-of effect, why not run the on-color Overwhelming Stampede or something similar? Have you found hard counters to be a problem at all? Yavimaya Hollow adds another answer to your deck.

Decided the Silverclad Ferocidons has been the least useful creature in the deck. Adding two damage to the trample machine of your leader can dig two cards deeper into your deck. I get why you are running Xenagos, the Reveler. Our littlest Gruul Smith is card advantage and can fight to have your beefy beaters smash the weaker stuff, and you can accidentally trigger enrage too. Just what we want to cast out Gishath, Sun’s Avatar multiple times if needed.


Are you ready to get your Dinosaur on? In a slower format, where size yishath, Gishath, Sun’s Avatar ability to take over a game, will make this type of deck a fan favorite.

Mirage Mirror is worth gishsth as it helps you go actually infinite with Bellowing Aegisaur and some other enranges. Lastly, I’m a huge fan of the themes and feels of Magicgishth I made sure that all my basics were Naya, as I love the art, and they feel more home to these behemoths than the Ixalan ones not to say that I don’t love those.

This Pyrohemia is in your deck. No Regisaur Alpha seems like a mistake; haste is key towards setting up sick Polyraptor turns.

Sword of the Animist attacks for lands every turn. On the other hand, meet Domri Rade. I want to follow their idea and vision for the deck, not my own. Does it happen enough? What if I told you that there was a three-mana Wrath effect that would protect your entire team?